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Info!Info!info !!!

As you can tell this Group is souley besed Stark and Lilynette Gingerback!
This Group is For Fans of the 2 To share their work to support them.

You may submit and kind of Art wheather it be a pairing or by themseleves or A written peice all is accepted. just remeber that the art must include Lilynette or stark in some way shape or form.

It would be great if you could watch and support this group.thankkk uuuu!!


Welcome to Ginger and the Wolf! Just Founded!

As the name says this is A Fan based group for both Lilynette Gingerback and Coyote Stark.

Below is Info of Characters

Coyote Starrk
Basic info-is an Arrancar and the Primera (1st) Espada in Sōsuke Aizen's army, along with his other half, Lilynette Gingerback.

Persona-Starrk is a lazy and unenthusiastic character who apparently spends much of his time asleep and no one, except Lilynette, appears to try and stop him from doing so. In fact, he rarely directly addresses any Arrancar other than Lilynette, his other half. Despite being the highest-ranking Espada, he is not eager to take a leadership role, shown when he easily allows Baraggan to take over at the battle of the fake Karakura Town. He is not particularly interested in whatever is going on around him, although he is surprisingly observant and a capable analyst. Unlike many of the Espada, he is not violent or overly arrogant.

Lilynette Gingerback

Basic info-herself is a sealed part of Coyote Starrk's power; when he uses his Resurrección, the two become one.

Persona-Lilynette can be quite cheerful and mischievous, in that she enjoys waking Starrk up in unusual ways, such as shoving her fist down his throat. Despite her initially childish behavior, she does have a more serious side, as she is concerned about the ominous occurrences in Hueco Mundo and shows sorrow over Aaroniero Arruruerie being killed.[4] She also seems to be rather proud, quickly taking offense when underestimated due to her appearance.[5]

Her relationship with Starrk is also unique amongst the Espada and their subordinates, appearing more comical and lighthearted. She does not address him with the usual "-sama" suffix (a Japanese honorific similar to Lord or Master), as the other subordinates generally do for their respective Espada, and simply calls him by his name.

Getting Started is so easy just Hit "join group" ontop of page!!:huggle:

:llama: Rules:llama:
1. Art must contain lilynette or starrk to Be accepted
2.Please put art in aproppriate folder
3. This group is for Fans Of starrk and lilynette so now rude comments about Them or bad mouthing this is a group of people for people who actually Support and Love them!!

Have Fun!!!!!:wave::wave::wave:

Gallery Folders

Lilinette and Starrk by NeoAngeliqueAbyss
Stark/Lilynette's Soul by JasperOokami
Chibi Lilynette and Starrk time skip looks by BlazeSoul2546
Coyote Stark
Coyote-Starrk by MzJekyl
Wolf ain't howl alone by Marvolo-san
Lilynette Gingerback
Lilynette by WInpuFF
Gingerback by Kawaii-Lemon-Square
Starrk and lilynette by Kawaii-Lemon-Square
The Good Old Days by bunnitake
stark and lilynette by rukiaa123
LilyStark Icon 2 by superaura
Group art
LilyStark: Never Alone by superaura
Hueco Mundo Dance 3 by superaura
My fav chibi Espada couples by superaura
Espada Headphones by rhymeswithmonth
Well Howdy There Partner by IchiNi2546
The Pain of Solitude by IchiNi2546
Los Lobos y Felino de Fantasma by IchiNi2546
Akuma and Starrk by IchiNi2546


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Well I just Founded Ginger and the Wolf Group today!  Wanted to start it Because Their are many Espadas that  go unrecgonized  Stark and Lilynette Are one.

So I thought starting this Up would be good For people Who Love and support them. Because They were some of the best that tite Kubo created.

so If you are intrested please join.  this is Just the start so I could use some help. its  going to take awhile to boot this up but im willing to work hard on this Because I really want to see this group Blossom.

well If anyone Wants to contribute or affiliate with ginger and the Wolf it would be great.

Please and thanks much.
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Are OC x CANNON allowed in here. Since well I do love Lilynette and Starrk(love him as in really love him x3) And I have an OC paired with him.
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1-Go to Admin Area. Clic where it says Manage Members.
2- Once there, you'll see a list. Clic where it says Members.
3-Search the part where it says"On Gallery, Members:". There you'll see this: "Submissions to "Featured". Select the option "Are Automatically Approved".
4-Once you made all these steps, clic the button which says "Save Now". Your group will be ready for all the fun!!!
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